Nuevo seguro MonkeyGrip®

New MonkeyGrip® Safety

The new MonkeyGrip® provides up to 5 times better grip, making you forget you have your glasses hanging.

The last few months have been key in the development of the brand and we imagine that you have realized it. But there is an element that we have been working on for more than 6 months, privately and until today we can present it to you.

We are talking about the new MonkeyGrip® grip system. Developed in Colombia, by a team of industrial designers, who together with Mono managed to create a product of which we feel absolutely proud.

Three substantial changes with respect to the 8-shaped connector that we had been using:

  1. Superior quality and duration.
  2. Grip up to 5 times better.
  3. Brand's own design.

We decided to combine this launch with that of the Alcornoque collection to offer you not only a new product, but one of better quality.

We are excited for you to try it and tell us what you think,

A hug,



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Buenos días, adquirí unos productos de SAJÚ, además de bellos, son excelentes, vanguardistas y muy prácticos, los recomiendo, a su gente, felicitaciones por tan grande Empresa orgullo de Colombia para el mundo, felicitaciones.
Alejandro Lozano

Alejandro Lozano

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