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Article: Monkey's first time in Buro

La primera vez del Mono en Buro

Monkey's first time in Buro

Almost a month ago we fulfilled one of the dreams we had when we launched the brand: Being part of the number one independent design fair in the country: Buro.

For those who have not experienced a Buro, we summarize them in four points:

  1. Many people
  2. A lot of sales
  3. little food
  4. Little sleep.

There are so many people during the fair that exits from the stand to the bathroom or to eat are only done if they are strictly necessary, no time to rest or get to know each other, we came to Buro to sell, they said. And so it was, there were 5 days in which we did not stop and in which we learned a lot of things.

First of all, it must be said that none of this would have been possible without a couple of stars who believed in Sajú and worked hard: First, Andres, from Space Cinco, who helped us with all the development of the wooden pieces for our stand. and second, Juliana, from Ora Floral Agency, who set up a jungle for us on one of our walls.

The fair started well, our neighbor Paola Turbay stopped by on Wednesday, even though she was on her way out, she spent some time with us, got to know the brand and fancied one of the Sajú Alcornoque that we were launching at the fair.

The days passed and more famous people stopped by our stand, Hernán Zajar, Nico De Zubiria, Matthew Windey, Gusi and Juan Pablo Villamil, among others.

We offered 4 collections of our glasses-hanging cords: The ethnic ones, the rubber ones, the embroidered ones and the new collection that we were launching for that fair: The Alcornoque collection.

There were more than 900 customers who fell in love with the product and began to become part of the monkey family. It was a very rewarding experience for everyone close to the brand that we hope to repeat.

A hug,


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