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Terms and Conditions "Multicycle"



This document contains the terms and conditions of the “MULTICICLAR” campaign, or as it is subsequently called (hereinafter the “Campaign”) that LA FAMILIA DEL MONO SAS, NIT 901.214.145-7 (hereinafter “SAJÚ”) will carry out. cape.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a copy of SAJÚ brand glasses or requesting the application of the terms and benefits of the Campaign, participants declare that they accept the provisions of these terms and conditions and it will be considered an unequivocal manifestation of their consent for the use of personal data. in the terms described in these terms and conditions and in accordance with the SAJÚ Data Processing Policy, which can be found at the following link: .

What does it consist of?

By having SAJÚ brand glasses, you will be able to access an economic benefit for recycling recycled glasses, that is, MULTICICLAR. You can go to a physical SAJÚ store and deliver your SAJÚ glasses so that they can be multicycled and you will have a 30% discount on the total value of new glasses of the model, color, or specification you want, even if they are of a higher value than the multicycled glasses.


The requirements to benefit from the Campaign are:

  1. Have SAJÚ brand glasses of any model or collection, regardless of the way in which they were acquired (gift, purchase, contest, etc.)
  2. Request directly at a SAJÚ physical store, anywhere in the country, to apply for the benefit of the “MULTICICLAR” Campaign. Does not apply to online purchases or through authorized distributors or partners.
  3. You can access the benefit even if your glasses are broken or damaged.
  4. You can only request the benefit at the time of purchasing new glasses.
  5. The benefit will not be reflected in bonuses or credits in the store.
  6. SAJÚ, at its free discretion and discretion, may decide if any client or product should be excluded from the benefit.
  7. If required, clients who access the benefit of the Campaign authorize the use of their image and name to be used in relation to the Campaign, in SAJÚ advertising materials, which may be distributed through social networks, website and in general, any media, in all territories, in perpetuity.
  8. The terms of the Campaign are different from those of the guarantee applicable to SAJÚ brand products. In case of damage to the glasses, the client may choose to apply the guarantee instead of the benefit of the Campaign, as long as the requirements established in the terms of the guarantee are met, which can be found at: https:// . If the guarantee does not apply to the specific case, the client will still be able to access the benefit of the Campaign.
  9. You can MULTIPLY as many times as you want, the benefit is unlimited during the Campaign Term, as long as the conditions established here are met.
  10. The application of the benefit is subject to store availability, the models and colors available for the new glasses and the production and delivery times that may apply.
  11. The benefit of the Campaign cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. On days when promotions applicable to SAJÚ glasses are announced, the customer may opt for the discount in force on the specific day or the benefit of the Campaign.
  12. Applies to purchases with any means of payment available in the SAJÚ store.
  13. All glasses that have been purchased through the Campaign application will be subject to SAJÚ's guarantee, exchange and return policies.
  14. The Campaign is subject to the operating hours of SAJÚ physical stores.


Validity: from March 13, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

Territory: Colombia, only in SAJÚ physical stores


For more information about the Campaign or for any request, request, query, claim, or complaint, you can direct it to the email: or by mail to the following address: La Familia del Mono SAS, Calle 72ª #20- 57, Edificio Negro, 110221 Bogotá DC, Colombia.